Sunday, July 8, 2012

Introducing Ami Rubinger : author and illustrator of picture books

As a parent I enjoyed reading books to/with my own children that stimulated their brains and made them think. I would read books about choosing books for kids and still do now as an elementary school library specialist. Thanks to Abbeville Press via Netgalley I have discovered a wonderful author/illustrator.  His name is Ami Rubinger and his books are extraordinary.  First is I Dream of an Elephant, a rhyming book about colors.  Hints are given in the rhymes about the color but the reader has to fill in the blanks and children will love doing that.  What a terrific way to explore colors.


Next we have Big Cat, Small Cat a book not just about cats.  Written in rhyme it helps young ones stretch their vocabulary to come up with the descriptive words about the cats.  The illustrations are adorable and the faces on the cats priceless.  Lastly is Dog Number 1, Dog Number 10 which uses dogs and rhymes and dogs to teach children to count to 10 while filling in the blanks.  All three books are creative and imaginative and will teach without children realizing they are learning.  Recommended for toddlers through second graders and older for those learning English as a second language.

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