Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Week 5, Thing #11

I never heard of a ning before but now I actually have one! I've started "" and I am slowly inviting people to join. I'm hoping to have the 6th graders, teachers, alumni, and parents join. The goal is to make it a book discussion place.
It took me awhile to get the hang of it. It was quite confusing starting it and then doing "my page." I would like the site to offer a more juvenile format. I can see this working in a library setting. I just hope the advertising that is hooked on it is not too provocative. My favorite aspects are the widgets.
I also joined Kathy's and it took awhile to grasp "my page" on hers too. This hat is my personal id which of course I made on image chef!

Week 5, Thing #10

Image generators are so much fun. I usually have to ask my son to photoshop something for me but now I can do it myself. This is one of my favorites. Try and have some fun!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Week 4, Things #8 and #9 revisited

Instead of using one of the search engines suggested in 2.0 to find sites to subscribe to I prefer to search myself. In looking at SLJ and PW and found that I can easily subscribe and add the content to MY YAHOO which is my personal email home. So, instead of having to go to google reader now I can have my subscriptions on the same page as my email.

Now that I figured this out, I think I may enjoy RSS. I wasn't sure before if I would use it if it meant another site and sign in but having it on the same page as my email makes total sense.

Week 4, Things #8 and #9

After looking at bloglines and Google Reader, I chose Google Reader since I already have an account. First I subscribed to the feeds suggested.

I thought a little about what I'd like to have handy and chose the New York Times. David Lubar's blog came next and I will be adding more about authors and children's books.

I enjoy challenges so here is the URL to my shared items.

Week 3, Thing #7

Technology. How did we survive growing up without it? My favorite gadget is text messaging. A text is a simple way of staying in touch without actually having a real converstion. My children will answer a text much quicker than a phonecall and I have to admit I love the sound of a text message arriving. Since I only receive them from my kids (unless it's from Verizon)the sound always makes me happy.

My favorite thing about the internet is that I can go from computer to computer and still access my email and now this blog and 2.0 training. When my PC crashed (for the third time)a few months ago I switched to my son's old G4. I love it and won't go back. Only problem is that there is no internet explorer and so I find myself on a PC at home for certain applications (my school library catalog for instance.)

Week 3, Thing #6

After trying on and off for two days I've given up on the map app in flickr. I don't quite get the mashups and color things and I've decided that they are just not important enough to me to spend time learning how to use them at least not now. I am enjoying the new iphoto features and am in the process of learning comic life. Look for a cute comic life post soon.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Week 3, Thing #5

Originally uploaded by Goldenlibrarylady
This picture is from the month of April. In honor of National Poetry month, our students read poetry out loud during library time. Primary students and some upper graders read poems written for two people. Upper grade students read poems written for four people. Paul Fleischman's "Big Talk: Poems for Four Voices" is a favorite.

This picture was uploaded to Flickr and then transfered to my blog.

Week 2, Thing #4

I have made my avatar and registered my blog. I will also join CSLA.

Week 2, Thing #3

After much encouragement from Kathy and Joy I have decided to try CSLA's School Library Learning. My strength in the school library has always been my love of children's literature.
I'd like to widen my knowledge of the world wide web and share my new capabilities with the students and staff at Golden.

Summer Reading

The finale to the Harry Potter series landed on my door step Saturday morning, July 21. Sadly the previous book took me six weeks to read (I didn't enjoy it). However, after starting this one I knew I needed to devour it slowly and managed to make it last 4 days. Each of my children received a copy at camp but I wrote them and told them not to waste camp time reading it. They should save it for the after camp blues and both listened to me.