Sunday, September 2, 2007

Week 3, Thing #7

Technology. How did we survive growing up without it? My favorite gadget is text messaging. A text is a simple way of staying in touch without actually having a real converstion. My children will answer a text much quicker than a phonecall and I have to admit I love the sound of a text message arriving. Since I only receive them from my kids (unless it's from Verizon)the sound always makes me happy.

My favorite thing about the internet is that I can go from computer to computer and still access my email and now this blog and 2.0 training. When my PC crashed (for the third time)a few months ago I switched to my son's old G4. I love it and won't go back. Only problem is that there is no internet explorer and so I find myself on a PC at home for certain applications (my school library catalog for instance.)

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