Sunday, September 2, 2007

Week 4, Things #8 and #9 revisited

Instead of using one of the search engines suggested in 2.0 to find sites to subscribe to I prefer to search myself. In looking at SLJ and PW and found that I can easily subscribe and add the content to MY YAHOO which is my personal email home. So, instead of having to go to google reader now I can have my subscriptions on the same page as my email.

Now that I figured this out, I think I may enjoy RSS. I wasn't sure before if I would use it if it meant another site and sign in but having it on the same page as my email makes total sense.

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oweLMT2 said...

Yes, it is easier to use an account you already have. That's why I found Google so good. Google usually has good explanations of how to use it too. I ended up making a word document of all my user names and passwords. I have needed it to open my blog because with so many user names and passwords I forgot which one I'm using even so frequently! Keep exploring - there is so much out there and you really need a guide like Library 2.0 to know where to start.