Thursday, August 28, 2008

Meeting David Shannon

David Shannon has a new book coming out soon.

In this photo he is signing Too Many Toys at ALA (mentioned previously).

Goblins by Royce Buckingham

I came across this you-tube preview for a new book coming out in the fall. Check this out! It's by the author of the hilarious (and a little scary) Demonkeeper.

http://youtube. com/watch? v=xoiCbyrQUJ4

Chalked Up by Jennifer Sey

Chalked Up : Inside elite gymnastic's merciless coaching, overzealous parents, eating disorders and elusive Olympic dreams is is a great choice for adults and teens. I found it accidently in the library when my daughter and I were browsing non-fiction books for her summer assignment. Jennifer Sey was the U.S. Gymnastics National Champion in 1986. Her love and passion of and dedication to gymnastics ended shortly after that amazing achievement when at the age of 18 she felt too old, too fat and too tired to compete anymore. She tells of the support of some coaches but of the abuse of others. She tells of the unwavering support of her family, who sacrificed so much to make her daughter's dream come true.

My First ALA Convention

The American Library Association (ALA) held it's annual conference in Anaheim. I spent two days in the exhibit hall and was amazed at the size, scope and volume of the entire event.

I was given the opportunity to purchase new books that won't even be published until September and October. One of them is Too Many Toys by David Shannon (the author/illustrator of No, David). I was able to speak with him and he autographed the book for the students of Golden. Additionally I received lots of ARCs (advanced reader copies)that have not been completely edited or printed. Some of these are also autographed by authors that were at the event. One of the ones that will be the most popular is The Runaway Dolls which continues the story from The Doll People and The Meanest Doll in the World. Both were signed by one of the authors and the illustrator. The second one is Inkdeath which follows Inkheart and Inkspell. Hate that Cat is another that I'll write about next. I also met Christopher Paul Curtis, Kadir Nelson, Brian Selznick, Jan Greenburg, M.T. Anderson and Don Wood. Being at ALA and meeting authors, illustrators, publishers and editors was like being in Hollywood and meeting celebrities. To me at least.

Where did the time fly?

How sad I didn't finish. Maybe next time.