Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Week 5, Thing #11

I never heard of a ning before but now I actually have one! I've started "" and I am slowly inviting people to join. I'm hoping to have the 6th graders, teachers, alumni, and parents join. The goal is to make it a book discussion place.
It took me awhile to get the hang of it. It was quite confusing starting it and then doing "my page." I would like the site to offer a more juvenile format. I can see this working in a library setting. I just hope the advertising that is hooked on it is not too provocative. My favorite aspects are the widgets.
I also joined Kathy's and it took awhile to grasp "my page" on hers too. This hat is my personal id which of course I made on image chef!


libladylib said...

Very cool. I didn't know you made the hat on image chef. Check out Let me know what you think. How to use?
Cool that you are doing this tutorial.

School Library Learning 2.0 Team said...

Welcome back to School Library Learning 2.0 for some "winter 2.0 fun." Good to have you back!

Best wishes.
- JackieS
CSLA 2.0 Team project manager

Libladylib said...

Yea! You have reregistered. That is great! Look, you are already half way through.

bibliofan said...

So glad you re-registered. I love NING too! As a creator it's really interesting to check the statistics to see all the traffic. Another feature I really enjoy is the message board. It's another way to communicate. Only problem is NING is blocked by my district so I can only use it with my adult friends.

Library Lady said...

When I took the School Library Learning 2.0 last summer, I joined the TeacherLibrarianNetwork, which is a Ning. And in the Ning, I joined a middle school librarian group. I participated in a couple discussions and then started one of my own. I talked about not having enough shelf space in my library and I was contemplating purchasing nonfiction e-books to make more shelf space for fiction. I asked if others had any experience yet with e-books. No one responded to my topic until a month later I got an email at work from a Wall Street Journal technology reporter! We emailed several times and spoke on the phone twice. I haven't heard that he wrote the story or used any of my ideas, but it sure made me realize the influence these online sites really have. He found me because he was interested in my idea. Amazing.

Libladylib said...

C'mon, Lori.
3 more weeks to complete. I know you can do it!