Monday, February 27, 2012

Up Dog by Hazel Hutchins

How many ways can you use the word up?  That is what I thought of as I read this book.  "Open up" the door, "dig up" the bone, get all muddy and "mess up" the house, etc.  Young children will love the mess the dog makes and may even understand why the pup is put in the pen ("pen up") as a punishment while the owner has to "clean up."  The illustrations by Fanny are colorful and adorable and will keep children entertained.  While this is a board for toddlers I can see pre-schoolers and even kindergartners enjoying reading this book.  Once they know how to read the word UP the charming illustrations will help them decipher the other words and understand  the different uses for the words.  I can also see this book used with ELL's.  A great addition to a baby's growing library.  Read as an ebook arc couretsy of Annick Press via Netgalley.

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