Thursday, February 9, 2012

Invisible Inkling by Emily Jenkins

Hank lives in Brooklyn with his sister, parents and new invisible friend, Inkling. No one else knows about Inkling although Hank often mentions he has an invisible friend! Struggling with a school bully and a best friend moving away Inkling has arrived just in time to help Hank get through fourth grade. While I don't think the adults helped Hank deal with the bully readers will learn why some kids become bullies and will perhaps wish for their own imaginary friend.

This humorous book will appeal to a wide audience. The Invisible Inkling would be a good introduction of the fantasy genre for young readers or for fans of Jordon Sonneblick's Dodger books and the Stink books by Megan McDonald. Reluctant readers will enjoy it and the illustrations by Harry Bliss. Recommended for 2-5 grades.

Read as an ebook arc courtesy of Harper Collins via Netgalley.

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