Sunday, November 29, 2009

Million-Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica

All you need to do is throw a football through a target at half-time in a pro-football game. Your dad just lost his job and boy could your family use the money. However, your thoughts are consumed by your best frIend who has a rare disease and is going blind. She is your inspiration to practice. Lucky for you you are the quarterback on your football team.

This book is filled with football strategy, games and action. It's also filled with strong families and strong friendships. Recommended for kids who love football or the thrill of a contest.


Lauren Y said...

That seems like a very touching story.

maddy said...

OMG I am reading this book(I checked it out from the yorba linda public library!) and it is the best book ever!!!! I highly reccomend this book to football,sports,book, and reading lovers!!!!
Maddy f

Anonymous said...

that seems like a great book. i wiil read it. i am anonymous because i dom't feel like logging in. (at upper grade lunch):)

Anonymous said...

oh yeah it is lauren g in mrs bradleys class

Anonymous said...

This book seems awesome!!!!! Football is my favorite sport and I have read other football books such as two-minute drill and double side throw. All books that have football storylines are awesome. I love reading... especially reading books.THIS BOOK IS AAWWEESSOOMMEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacob Lee
5th grade
Mrs. Hope

(PS I NEED this book...)