Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Girl Who Threw Butterflies by Mick Cochrane

Molly's favorite memory of her dad is playing catch in the backyard. He taught her to pitch and she even mastered the knuckleball pitch. One night about 6 months after he died she decides that playing softball is not good enough. She wants to play baseball and tries out for the boy's baseball team. Her best friend supports her decision and Lonnie, one of the catcher's becomes her catcher learning how to deal with the knuckleball. The only thing that worries Molly besides being accepted onto the team is telling her mom. This book is recommended for baseball fans.


Caitlin Sun said...

oh that's sooooo sad! [because her dad died]Oh! click on my name, it will take you my friend's website lauren y's!

sophia kim said...

Hey hey im here too!Pick me!Pick me! Its sophia kim I am sooooo sad that her dad died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sophia said...

oops sorry i forgot to put my teachers name!!!!
(Mrs. Gordillo's class)
Sophia Kim

Aislinn said...

that sounds like an awesome book! what other books has the author written?