Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hannah's Way by Linda Glaser

Hannah is the only Jewish girl in her depression era class in Minnesota. When a class picnic is scheduled for a Saturday Hannah is disappointed when her parents won't let her ride in a car to get there as orthodox Jews do not ride on the Sabbath.  

While the story takes places over 70 years ago the theme rings true for today.  Living in Orange County my children were quite often the only Jewish kid in their class.  One year students were making Christmas ornaments.  My son decided to do it his way and made a Judah Maccabee ornament and we display it proudly to this day.    Hannah's classmates were tolerant of her religion and this story can be shared with classrooms filled with students of the same religion/nationality and those completely diverse.  Recommended for readers of all ages.

Read as an ebook arc courtesy of Kar-Ben via Netgalley.

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