Friday, July 1, 2011

True (...sort of) by Katherine Hannigan

Delly is such a troublemaker that even she believes she is bad to the core.  She reaches rock bottom though when threatened to be expelled from school and sees her mom cry.  With the help of her younger brother R.B. and their new friend, Ferris Boyd,  Delly just may be saved.  Although Ferris Boyd does not talk, R.B., Delly and another boy in town, Brud, manage to communicate with her.

True (...sort of) starts off as a simple story.  However, like an onion Katherine Hannigan peels away layer by layer revealing little by little the goodness in Delly, the love in R.B.'s heart, the understanding in Brud, and the pain that silences Ferris Boyd.  

Although dealing with the issue of physical abuse, Hannigan makes readers understand that it is not Ferris Boyd's fault.  She is the victim but there is help available.  A tough subject for young children to read about but an important one and written extremely well.  You will fall in love with Delly, R.B., Ferris Boyd and Brud just like I did.  Recommended for 4th graders and up.

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Anonymous said...

its sounds like a good book.

i will miss you Mrs.Katz

Ashelyn Villicana