Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Hole in the Wall by Lisa Rowe Fraustino

Strange things are happening to Sebby, his family and around his home.  His dad is out of work and his mom is overworked.  His grandmother has moved in forcing Sebby to share a room with his twin sister Barb.  His older brother has disappeared and the chickens are laying eggs hard as rock.  The hole in the wall is his hide-a-way spot to get away from all his troubles.  Soon though Barb joins him in trying to figure out just what is causing the beautiful colors they see floating around, why a baby chick has attached itself to his belly and why he has had an unnatural growth spurt.

Written in Sebby's voice, Lisa Rowe Fraustino has us believing in the magic (or is it science?)  Though the twins bicker their love for one another shines through as does their mom's.  They act as young children would in their situation even questioning their feelings for their father as he disappoints them continuously.  Sebby has a sense of humor as does big brother Jed that will make kids laugh.

Part science fiction, part mystery, part environmental, The Hole in the Wall will keep readers turning the pages.   Read as an ebook arc courtesy of Milkweed Editions via Netgalley.

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