Monday, November 1, 2010

The Lying Game by Sara Shepard

THE LYING GAME introduces Emma, an almost 18 year old who was abandoned by her mother and grew up in many different foster homes. Emma finds out she has an identical twin named Sutton and sets out to meet her in hopes that she can become part of her adopted family. However Sutton's family thinks she's Sutton and doesn't believe Emma when she claims differently. Meanwhile, Emma decides to try to figure out what happened to Sutton. Sutton and her friends are not nice people and are involved in lying games which include pranks to humiliate others. Possibly my all time favorite line comes from this book. At Sutton's 18th birthday party "Three laptops sat on a table near the door: each had USB cords to upload photos to Facebook and Twitter. I still smile when I read that. But please note this is not a funny book and the author requests readers to not try any of the pranks in the book. I like Emma (and Sutton's spirit who occasionally appears and Ethan the cute boy next store) and will cheer her on. Teens will gobble this book up and will anxiously await the sequel. I read it as an e-book arc from netgalley.


Emily said...

Dear Mrs. Katz,

I would love to read this book.Do you have it?

Emily Nguyen

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs.katz,

I'd love to read The Lying Game
by Sara Shepard
I read a book called Sheep with a similar plot.The dog had moved from owner to owner.

I'm going to add this to my list of books I want to read,

Anonymous said...

This book seems interesting so i will check it out here or at the Yorba Linda Public Library sometime.

Cassidy Clark
Mrs. G. Johnson