Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Night Fairy by Laura Amy Schlitz

by Laura Amy Schlitz. Flory is a night fairy who loses her wings in a run in with a bat. She winds up in a garden and is determined to survive in a world of giants (humans). A squirrel becomes her mode of transportation but Flory wants to fly again and tries to get a hummingbird to carry her on its back to fly. What will happen to the hummingbird when it's caught in a spiderweb? Will Flory ever fly again? The author Laura Amy Schlitz wrote this book for all the girls in her library asking for books about fairies.
A fun read.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs.Katz,
THe cover caught my eye. I think it is a very magical book. I would like to read it. You have a very catchy post. Maybe you can read it to a class here at the Golden Library.

Your Helper,
Catlinh Nguyen

Anonymous said...

Dear, Mrs.Katz,
I belive The Night Fairy will be an
awsome story to read and review.I will post another coment on it after I finish reading Mocking Bird.

your library helper,

Courtney Ricotta