Sunday, September 12, 2010

TOUCH BLUE by Cynthia Lord

Imagine living on an island just off of the mainland of Maine. You know everyone. Everyone knows you. There are year round residents and summer tourists. One school. When one family moves away the state of Maine threatens to close the school and the year round residents will have to move to the mainland for school. However some of the families take on foster children to provide loving homes to children in need and to keep the school open. TOUCH BLUE is based on a true story. Aaron is one of the foster children and he comes to live with Tess and her family. He is a talented musician and misses his alcoholic mother immensely. Tess shares her love of lobster fishing with him and hopes to make him love the island as much as she does. A truly beautiful book.


Joy said...

I loved this book! It was so touching-- I really felt that it captured the teen "voice." The author did a great job of relaying how it feels to love a very imperfect parent. There is such a dilemma for kids whose parents are drug addicts and alcoholics-- you love your parents and hate them at the same time. Then when others step in to "parent" you feel guilty for loving them (it's guilt or a betrayal in a sense).

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Katz,
I wanted to chek out this book,but Ineed more infomation.If you can give me something else about "Touch Blue" I'd be happy to listen.

a library kid,