Tuesday, September 14, 2010


THE INCORRIBLE CHILDREN OF ASHTON PLACE :BOOK 1 THE MYSTERIOUS HOWLING Penelope grew up in an orphanage and upon graduation she takes a job as a governess. Hired at Ashton Place she will care for three young children. These children were found in the woods, almost shot by Lord Ashton while hunting. They have been raised by wolves and lucky for them and Penelope she knows how to communicate with animals. The story takes place in older times however the author compares sitations to contemporary ones. Penelope teaches the children to speak English and begins educating them on being human as well as academic subjects. But who abandoned them? Who is trying to sabatage their well being? Who/what is howling in the attic? In Lemony Snicket styling this is a very haunting and fun read.

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