Saturday, November 19, 2011

Water Balloon by Audrey Vernick

Marley's parents are separated and she is spending the summer with her dad in his new house. Since money is tight he takes on summer jobs gardening( he is a teacher during the school year) and gets Marley a job babysitting twin 5 year-olds. Her two BFF's begin excluding her from their lives and her mother doesn't answer her phone when Marley calls. The twins are a handful and it is interesting to see Marley use her own life experiences to entertain them, help them deal with their 5 year-old issues and ultimately come to enjoy their company. The friendship/budding romance between Jack and Marley is innocent and sweet. My favorite part though is Marley realizing just how poorly her BFF's treated her and that maybe it is time for new friends.

In Water Balloon the author explores friendships among young girls, the relationship between a daughter and her father, dandelions, babysitting, and first crush. Audrey Vernick does a great job in all aspects in this easy reading story for middle grade girls. Recommended for fans of contemporary fiction and girls asking for romance.

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