Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ballet for Martha : Making Appalachian Spring by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan

Ballet for Martha: Making Appalachian SpringBrian Floca has illustrated this book about the collaboration between Martha Graham, choreographer/dancer, Aaron Copland, composer and Isamu Noguchi, artist.  Together they created the ballet Appalachian Spring which debuted in 1944.

As I read this book and neared the end I could have sworn I heard music in my head. When I finished all was quiet. There is so much information, so much beauty, so much dance, so much story. The illustrations are gorgeous and I feel like I have learned about American music, ballet and art, Graham, Copland and  Noguchi while thoroughly enjoying this book. The story and illustrations flowed smoothly and as the music in my head slowly faded I was happy there was a "curtain call" and to continue reading. Highly recommended for fans of dance, music, art and Americana

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what a book