Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Lemonade Crime by Jacqueline Davies

The Lemonade Crime
In "The Lemonade Crime" by Jacqueline Davies Jessie and Evan are sibling fourth graders in the same class. However, Jessie has skipped third grade and Evan is not too happy about having his little sister in his class. When fellow classmate and bully Scott announces he has purchased a brand new video game console Jessie suspects he has stolen the money that Evan and Jessie made over the summer with their competing lemonades stands. She sets out to prove it by putting Scott on trial. Each chapter opens with a term relating to crime or the law and it's definition. "The Lemonade War", also by Davies focused on marketing and making money. In "The Lemonade Crime" readers will not only get a glimpse into a courtroom but also see what it's like to have siblings that really do care for each other. I read this advanced readers copy as an e-book courtesy of Houghton Harcourt Mifflin via Netgalley. The Lemonade Crime will be published in May 2011 and I highly recommended it for elementary school students.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mrs. Katz,
This book looks very interesting to read. It would be really cool to be having a sequel to the LEMONADE WAR. I would like to check this book someday to figure out what will happen to Scott.

Your Friend,
Catlinh Nguyen
Mrs. Bradley

Anonymous said...

Dear,Mis. Katz

I'd love to read "The Lemonade Crime by Jacqueline Davis" your blog relley got me going!I hope to read it somtime soon!If you read this please tell me where I can find it in the library.

Your bookshelf organizer,
Courtney Ricotta

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Katz!
This book looks really cool. We would like to read it. Your blog is really cool.

Kaila An and Sam Pietenpol

Anonymous said...

Mrs Katz i really want to read this book because the way you explained it was really cool.I really want to find out more.

your friend,
Kodie Spann

Anonymous said...

Looks interesting.
-Rachel A.

Mrs. Katz said...

Rachel and Kodie, be sure to read THE LEMONADE WAR first :) We have 2 copies of that in the Golden Library and the YLPL has it too :)