Thursday, July 29, 2010

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

At the end of chapter 1 Samantha is killed in a (teen drunken) car crash. In chapter 2 Sam wakes up and it's the same day and she is very much alive. She gets to relive the day 7 times apparently to try to live that day the right way. What will she do differently? What will she do the same? I was so looking forward to reading this book based on reviews I had read. However, as a parent I found it quite disturbing. The teens drink, smoke (cigarettes and pot) regularly, cut classes constantly and are promiscuous. Restaurants serve liquor without asking for IDs. There are no consequences for not showing up in class. Parents don't seem to notice the smell of tobacco or booze. Older teens will devour this book and there are parts I did enjoy. I am happy to say that by chapter 6 there is finally a designated driver. Reading it made me feel like I did something right as a parent.

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