Thursday, February 11, 2010

New series by Rick Riordan (THE LIGHTNING THIEF author)

Are you a LIGHTNING THIEF fan? Do you enjoy Rick Riordan books? He has a new series coming out entitled The Kane Chronicles. Book one is called THE RED PYRAMID and you can read the first chapter here


Lauren Y said...

Omg I am super excited to read the seires! I pre-ordered one @ borders! It is about a brother and sister Sadie and Carter, and instead of Greek Mythology, It is Egyptian!

Anonymous said...

I WANT THAT SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!I know ben is gonna read it.


Danmark said...

A story filled with plenty of Greek mythology. The story moves along at a great pace and does explain itself well enough for younger readers who may not know who "Chiron" or "Poseidon" but has enough humor for the adult that may be reading this book too. Although the book is nearly 400 pages it moves fast and leaves you ready for the second book.